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eGRACS Enterprise Manager

eGRACS Enterprise Manager provides a central repository for risk and control information in the context of organization wide governance, risk management, audit, compliance and information security activities. This enables you to gain an aggregate view of your business components, organizational functions and supporting technologies across your enterprise at any time.

Delivered either as a cloud-based or client installed platform, eGRACS ERM suite enables seamless collaboration between business, risk and assurance teams across the three lines of defense.

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eGRACS Governance Manager

eGRACS Governance Manager module integrates data and reports from all assurance sources to provide organizations with the visibility and insight needed to manage and mitigate critical risk, compliance and security issues. It provides a central repository of enterprise risk and control assurance information that will help your organisation optimize its risk governance activities in order to achieve your strategic and operational objectives.

Using good practices in corporate governance, eGRACS Governance Manager provides a clear and transparent view of the organisational risk and control assurance for the board and other stakeholders to take informed decisions.

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eGRACS Risk Manager

eGRACS Risk Manager automates the process of identifying and managing compliance obligations arising from laws, regulations, industry codes and organisational standards. eGRACS Risk Manager is aligned with ISO31000, the International Standard for Risk management.

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eGRACS Audit Manager

eGRACS Audit Manager automates the process of defining and managing risk based audit plan with scope details, resources and schedule required for each audit assignment. It provides capability for easily selecting control tests and documenting test results, residual risks and audit findings along with supporting evidence.

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eGRACS Compliance Manager

eGRACS Compliance Manager is a comprehensive solution for automating the process of managing compliance obligations, identifying breaches and tracking remediation efforts. Compliance obligations can arise from laws, regulations, industry codes and organizational standards.

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eGRACS Security Manager

eGRACS Security Manager automates the assessment of technology vulnerabilities and security threats to information assets enabling the identification of security risks, deployment of mitigating controls in order to achieve your corporate objectives. It enables your organization to continuously assess exposures and vulnerabilities and reassess the suitability of existing controls.

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eGRACS ERM Suite includes powerful dashboards and reporting functionality that enables extensive reporting based on selected criteria. Report content can be optimised using powerful filtering capabilities based on user selected fields and filtering conditions.