eGRACS Governance Manager

eGRACS Governance Manager module integrates data and reports from all assurance sources to provide organizations with the visibility and insight needed to manage and mitigate critical risk, compliance and security issues. It provides a central repository of enterprise risk and control assurance information that will help your organisation optimize its risk governance activities in order to achieve your strategic and operational objectives.

Using good practices in corporate governance, eGRACS Governance Manager provides a clear and transparent view of the organisational risk and control assurance for the board and other stakeholders to take informed decisions.


  • Foster risk based governance culture.
  • Easily access board packs and meeting documents from desktops and mobile devices.
  • Improved transparency through direct reporting of risk information from organizational processes.
  • Better informed decision-making through real time corporate indicators.
  • Real-time visibility of where information comes from, status of actions and supporting evidence.
  • Improved visibility of corporate indicators and better alignment to business objectives.

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  • Enables you to track risk and control information for your products, services, and business processes.
  • Ability to associate the services, applications and information that support enterprise objectives and relate technologies to the facilities where they reside.
  • Ability to produce reports to monitor enterprise risk management initiatives at the enterprise and business-unit levels in order to support informed, strategic decision making.
  • Powerful dashboards that can be tailored to suit specific roles and responsibilities so that users get exactly the information that they need.
eGRACS ERM Suite includes powerful dashboards and reporting functionality that enables customised reporting based on configurable criteria. Report content can be optimised using powerful filtering capabilities based on user selected fields and filtering conditions.